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United Mounted Shooters

The United Mounted Shooters (UMS) was founded to advance and support the sport of mounted shooting.  Our goal is to meet the needs of the affiliates and participants.  These rules were created to help maintain a safe atmosphere and uniform procedures.

                                    CLUB AFFILIATION: 
                                    Affiliation Fee $150.00 per year                  
                                    Affiliation runs a full year from the date of affiliation  

ʘ Affiliate book and thumb drive/CD which includes:  Guidelines, course book,  event producer’s guide, match software/ instructions, event sanctioning forms, and membership forms
ʘ Point tracking for all UMS members on a state and national level
ʘ Event promotion in an e-newsletter and on the website
ʘ Outstanding support available 7 days a week
ʘ General liability insurance for UMS sanctioned events.

We offer individual memberships and family memberships that won’t “break the bank”.  All UMS members will have their mounted shooting points tracked on a National and State level.

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